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What does Bluserena Promise?

Bluserena offer 4-star holiday Villages, tailor-made for our guests. New or refurbished and enhanced facilities with large areas for any kind of activity: beaches, restaurants, sports fields, play areas, swimming pools, parking lots. Each family is assigned their own beach umbrella and table at the restaurant, in order to ensure an increased level of assistance and a stress-free holiday.
Our villages are considered a model of the best Italian hospitality, thanks to a quality service provided by our staff, hired under Italian laws. We also care about the environment: our villages are powered by clean energy, produced in the large internal photovoltaic parks.

We offer a whole lot of services for kids and children.
Families are our main clients so we aim to take care of our youngest guests by offering them safe and appropriate areas, large playgrounds and careful entertainers. And we have services for parents, too: not only the usual kids’ club, but also nurseries, mum&baby kitchen and evening kids’ club. Many services, constant attention, but most of all a lot of fun for children with our mascot Serenella.
And for 10 to 17-year-old kids, we offer Serenup and Serenhappy, the 2 clubs where kids can enjoy countless activities with the help of our entertainers.
We offer to offer one of the best entertainment in Italy.
Bluserena has a great team of 40-50 entertainers, selected and trained throughout the year. A constant effort to renew our programmes and to offer engaging and funny entertainment, never plain or pushy! A group of real entertainment professionals for adults and kids, with punctual and reliable services.
We offer a varied and top quality catering service.
We employ great teams of cooks, always focusing on pleasing the taste of our guests. Rich menus with at least 20 dishes for each meal and a wide selection throughout the week. Cooking shows to share good food and the local traditions related to the territory. A constant attention is paid to our gluten-intolerant guests, who can find assistance in all our villages and particularly in the Serenè Village, with menu approved by AIC (Italian Association for Coeliac Disease).
We offer fitness and wellness activities, as well as relax.
Large outdoor fitness areas, with isotonic machines, spinning bikes and qualified trainers. All sorts of exercise are provided: spinning classes, aerobics, stretch and tone, Acquagym, Cross Training and more. Moreover, Bluwellness offers treatments and massages.
We offer a sports-filled holiday.
Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the presence of qualified trainers and several activities and tournaments; we have football fields, tennis courts, multi-purpose courts (volleyball/basketball), archery facilities, water sports and water attraction facilities.
Bluserena, Promises kept for over 30 years!