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Modern techniques allow to reduce water to minute particles and these according to their size can penetrate to the upper and lower respiratory tracts. Thanks to its decongesting action on the mucosae, these treatments allow to achieve a significant reduction of the symptoms, an improvement in the respiratory function, a reduction of cough and a lower use of medicines.



Treat infections and diseases in the upper respiratory tract and so are good for treating chronic, atrophic, and hypertrophic rhinitis, sinusitis, simple catarrhal pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and chronic laryngitis.



Particularly efficacious in treating infections and diseases in the lower respiratory tract, that is, tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, chronic bronchitis. The aerosol-inhalation association produces beneficial effects in the upper and lower respiratory tract through anti-infiammatory, decongestive, and mucolytic action.



Thermal waters are mixed with steam and air, and nebulised in a collective environment. The dense nebula formed inside the small chamber is breathed in and out so that it reaches the deepest air tracts in the respiratory system. It is particularly good for treating tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, chronic bronchitis.

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A delicate and deep cleansing of the nasal cavity. This treatment is particularly effective for hypertrophic, atrophic and chronic rhinitis and for chronic nasal catarrhal pathologies such as rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, secretory otitis and oto-salpingitis in adults. This method permits the apparatus used to flush cavities which are not easily accessible such as the paranasal sinuses and, so, to adequately treat the mucous membranes of the nasal passages, the nasopharynx and the Eustachian tubes where abundant catarrh and mucus secretions can fester or become encrusted. This treatment is particularly effective for hypertrophic, atrophic and chronic rhinitis and for chronic nasal catarrhal pathologies such as rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, secretory otitis and oto-salpingitis in adults.


Micronized sprays are a relatively new spa treatment technique. They ensure better penetration in hardly accessible cavities such as the paranasal sinuses. Moreover, this technique allows an appropriate treatment of the nasal cavities and rhinopharyinx with a significant reduction of the pain usually caused by classical irrigation. Thus, it should be preferred in the cases of very sensitive mucosae. The technique consists in pressure spraying the nasal cavities with nebulized mineral water in large water particles (diameter 20-30 micron). This is performed by using a specific device connected to rubber tubes that are able to spray the nebulised water at room temperature and collect the resulting secretions, discarding them. The non-specific therapeutic effects – as irrigation – is related to the cleansing of the secretions, including mucopurulent ones, as well as its trophic, decongesting and mucolytic action. These are combined with the specific actions of the waters being used.

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Efficacious in treating tubal stenosis, chronic catarrhal otitis, chronic purulent otisis, secretory otitis media, for rhinogenous deafness and for tubotympanitis (otitis media). It also as a specific therapeutic or prophylactic action in chronic catarrhal tympanitis caused by tubal insufficiency and in treating “rhinogenous deafness”, typical consequences of a catarrhal phlogosis of the tympanum. In most cases there is inflammation of the tympanum or inflammation originating in the nasal cavity that then extends into the auditory tube, and which can cause serious problems to the hearing function. Endotympanic insufflations guarantees a net improvement in the auditory function and prevents the otitis becoming acute again. Insufflation can be carried out by tubal bougienage or using chrenotherapeutic Politzer. In the first case the thermal waters are carefully introduced (in the form of gas) using a suitable flexible bougie through which the thermal aerosol is insufflated to the tympanum via the Eustachian tube with the ear. In general these techniques are used to treat adult patients. On the other hand, Politzer crenotherapy is preferably used for children, consists in introducing the same thermal aerosol gas into the internal part of the nares using a small toggle.



These thermal therapies reduce pain, improve both bloods circulation and muscle tone, as well as helping to rehabilitate joint functions and articulation. They are indicated in the treatment of rheumatic and orthopaedic illnesses: localized and diffuse osteoarthritis, cervical osteoarthritis, lumbar osteoarthritis, the outcomes of discal hernia operations, scapula humeral periarthritis, the outcome of rheumatic polyarthritis, osteoporosis, extra-articular rheumatism, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, and fibrosis. This as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative actions, stimulating the immune system as well as favouring natural detoxification processes. The most specific indications are for chronic and acute pathologies of the muscolo-skeletal system.

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Available in single tub with ozonized hydromassage or in thermal swimming pool with standard hydromassage. In addition to the benifical action of the temperature, Balneotherapy in individual bathtubs with ozonized idromassage helps to stimulate and reactivate blood circulation while simultaneously having muscle relaxant, sedative and pain reliehaving effects. In addiction to the many benefits derived from the specific properties of the thermal waters, motor activity in water can be performed at the same time in condition of reduced weight. The body is fully and confortably immersed in the pool’s thermal water, with reduced load on the joints. In addition to the passive stimulating action from the underwater hydromassage jets, joints and muscles are actively stimulated through free and continuos movements.

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