theraphies for vascular illnesses





There are two Walkways, one beside the other and forming two baths containing hot and cold thermal water with lateral ozonized hydromassages positioned at various heights. In fact, walking against the current of the thermal water at different temperatures (36-35°C hot water and 26-25°C cold water) triggers a specific action that reactivates the muscles, rehabilitates the joints and tones the skin, as well as helping reduce the swelling or cellulitis from the legs. Pressotherapy and lymph draining massage may also be carried out in association with the Walkway. The after-effects of phlebopathy benefit from these thermal therapies, as do venous insufficiency, the post-operative effects of peripheral vascular surgery, varices of the lower limbs, chronic vasculopathy in the lower limbs (if venous), and peripheral vascular functional disorders. Upon indication of the specialist, the cure can also be performed in single tub with ozonized hydromassage.

In this case the thermal treatments also have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing swelling and improving blood microcirculation in the lower limbs, as well as recovery of the musculo-articular function of the limbs. They are recommended as a method for preventing and curing illnesses caused by stress and a sedentary life, in addition to postural gym. At the end of these treatments, guests can enjoy the “Tepidarium”, a collective relaxing space that allows to continue the reaction phase and gradually readapt to the external environment, avoiding sudden changes in temperature.

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In addition to the thermal therapies, the Spa at Torre Canne has an advanced physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, and hydrokinesitherapy centre. These treatments are particularly good for recovering functionality in limbs following fractures, various traumas, post-operative outcomes of orthopaedic surgery, treating chronic articular affections (arthrosis and chronic arthritis), and disabling outcomes of neurological diseases (Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Multiple sclerosis, ALS, etc.). Effecting a gradual and increasing rehabilitating and muscle toning action on the limbs, they are also effective as conservative and preventative treatments, above all in the elderly. The centre offers radar therapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Tecar Therapy, analgesic stimulation, electrostimulation, partial and full manual massage, as well as manual, instrumental, lymphatic drainage and postural kinesitherapy, Hydrokinesitherapy is carried out in the therapeutic pool thermal by therapists specialised in rehabilitation resulting in significant motor recovery both in the outcomes of orthopaedic-traumatological illness (rheumatoid arthritis, SAAP, sero-negative arthritis, etc.), or neurological diseases (hemi and paraplegia in adults and children, outcomes of infantile cerebral paralysis (or palsy), ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.).

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