waters and mud baths

Knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of the waters of Torre Canne dates back to more than a century ago. At Torre Canne Health Spa there are 11 thermal springs which bring subterranean waters to the surface. Two of these are of particular interest for their physical-chemical properties and their therapeutic benefits - spring number 11, "Torricella" and number 3, "Antesana". The springs have been recognised as having significant benefits for health and general well-being and the efficacy of the treatments Torre Canne Health Spa provides is based on this.


WATERS - The waters of the Antesana and Torricella springs are cold and, because of the higher concentrations of dissolved salts, are defined as being "chloride-sulphate-sodium mineral waters with a low bromide content" (Bromide-Sulphate-Salts according to Marotta and Sica). The chemical and physical-chemical characteristics give the water anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxant, immunostimulating, mucolytic, decongestant, eutrophic, keratoplastic, metabolic and relaxing properties.


MUD BATHS - In the exit channels and the lakes originating from the springs is a muddy deposit, which has been laid down over thousands of years. Thanks to the thermal waters it is produced from, this natural mud has genuine therapeutic properties. It is mainly composed of calcium silicates, alumina and iron with small quantities of magnesium and iodine and traces of phosphates, mixed with organic material. The Torre Canne muds are therefore "natural pastes" composed of clay granules, organic materials and thermal spring water which undergo a very long, slow process of "maturation" in the natural lake formed by the emergence of the spring waters. Regular visitors of our spa have a long-lasting improvement of their well-being throughout the winter months. Methodical use of the water as prescribed for thermal treatment has a positive effect on various organs, re-balancing many functions of the human body, and it has no side-effects. The number of specialist medical visits required and use of medicines will thus be reduced.

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