Terme di torre canne puglia
Torre Canne Thermal SPA The therapeutic properties of the Torre Canne thermal Spa have been well-known for more than a hundred years


Terme di torre canne puglia
Torre Canne Thermal SPA The therapeutic properties of the Torre Canne thermal Spa have been well-known for more than a hundred years
Spa on the beach, 4 star health and wellbeing
The therapeutic properties of the Torre Canne thermal Spa have been well-known for more than a hundred years


APULIA - The Thermal Baths in Torre Canne, amongst the most beautiful and well-equipped, right by the sea, affiliated to the National Health System and in the first level classification, offer treatments for respiratory tracts and ears (inhalation, aerosol, endotimpanic insufflation, politzer crenotherapy), for rheumatic and orthopedic illnesses (mud balneotherapy), for vascular illnesses (pathway), physiotherapy and rehabilitation and beauty treatments "Beauty & Wellness". Booking treatments in advance is recommended.


INFORMATIONS - The Thermal Baths in Torre Canne will be open in spring 2021. Ph. +39.080.48251; E-mail: info@termeditorrecanne.it.


If you're interested in working with us, send your CV to the email address: termeditorrecanne@bluserena.it.


waters and mud baths

Knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of the waters of Torre Canne dates back to more than a century ago. At Torre Canne Health Spa there are 11 thermal springs which bring subterranean waters to the surface. Two of these are of particular interest for their physical-chemical properties and their therapeutic benefits - spring number 11, "Torricella" and number 3, "Antesana". The springs have been recognised as having significant benefits for health and general well-being and the efficacy of the treatments Torre Canne Health Spa provides is based on this.


WATERS - The waters of the Antesana and Torricella springs are cold and, because of the higher concentrations of dissolved salts, are defined as being "chloride-sulphate-sodium mineral waters with a low bromide content" (Bromide-Sulphate-Salts according to Marotta and Sica). The chemical and physical-chemical characteristics give the water anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxant, immunostimulating, mucolytic, decongestant, eutrophic, keratoplastic, metabolic and relaxing properties.


MUD BATHS - In the exit channels and the lakes originating from the springs is a muddy deposit, which has been laid down over thousands of years. Thanks to the thermal waters it is produced from, this natural mud has genuine therapeutic properties. It is mainly composed of calcium silicates, alumina and iron with small quantities of magnesium and iodine and traces of phosphates, mixed with organic material. The Torre Canne muds are therefore "natural pastes" composed of clay granules, organic materials and thermal spring water which undergo a very long, slow process of "maturation" in the natural lake formed by the emergence of the spring waters. Regular visitors of our spa have a long-lasting improvement of their well-being throughout the winter months. Methodical use of the water as prescribed for thermal treatment has a positive effect on various organs, re-balancing many functions of the human body, and it has no side-effects. The number of specialist medical visits required and use of medicines will thus be reduced.

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Situated right on the beach, GranSerena Hotel is a 4-star Hotel and Holiday Club. It is located in the heart of Apulia, between Bari and Brindisi, in one of the most historically and culturally interesting areas in the region. The hotel also features a beautiful park with a lake and springs and has also rooms with all comforts. The Torre Canne Spa, which is annexed to the GranSerena Hotel (hotel guests can reach it from within the hotel), is one of the most modern and best-equipped spa centres in Southern Italy. The Torre Canne thermal Spa offers all traditional spa treatments as well as beauty, wellness and tanning.

The GranSerena hotel is adjacent to the Spa and has a vast array of spaces and services: entertainment, fully equipped private beach, a large pool near the beach with waterslides and hydro massage, a large swimming pool (33x14 meters), tennis courts, 5-a-side soccer field, bowls courts, archery, gym-fitness area with spinning and isotonic machines, restaurant rooms, bar, mini, teeny and junior club, children’s playground with big inflatable games, dance-hall, theatre, shopping gallery, mum & baby kitchen, meeting and lounge rooms, TV lounge, Internet acces and wi-fi, surgery, fee-parking. the “San Domenico Golf” 18-hole golf course located a few km away from the hotel.

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Swimming pool, Beach, Park and Music!


Torre Canne Health Spa offers clients a range of services and facilities. While undergoing treatment our clients are eligible for special rates to the fully-renovated Olympic swimming pool and to the beach. They also have free access to the spa park, which also has a children's play area. Every morning, in accordance with Health Spa traditions, there is plenty of space for dance and music in a dedicated area of the park! There is also an area in the hall of the Health Spa where you may choose to visit our shopping gallery and snack bar services are available at the beach bar and in the hall of the Health Spa.

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treatments and therapies



Modern techniques allow to reduce water to minute particles and these according to their size can penetrate to the upper and lower respiratory tracts. Thanks to its decongesting action on the mucosae, these treatments allow to achieve a significant reduction of the symptoms, an improvement in the respiratory function, a reduction of cough and a lower use of medicines.



Treat infections and diseases in the upper respiratory tract and so are good for treating chronic, atrophic, and hypertrophic rhinitis, sinusitis, simple catarrhal pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and chronic laryngitis.



Particularly efficacious in treating infections and diseases in the lower respiratory tract, that is, tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, chronic bronchitis. The aerosol-inhalation association produces beneficial effects in the upper and lower respiratory tract through anti-infiammatory, decongestive, and mucolytic action.



Thermal waters are mixed with steam and air, and nebulised in a collective environment. The dense nebula formed inside the small chamber is breathed in and out so that it reaches the deepest air tracts in the respiratory system. It is particularly good for treating tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, chronic bronchitis.

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A delicate and deep cleansing of the nasal cavity. This treatment is particularly effective for hypertrophic, atrophic and chronic rhinitis and for chronic nasal catarrhal pathologies such as rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, secretory otitis and oto-salpingitis in adults. This method permits the apparatus used to flush cavities which are not easily accessible such as the paranasal sinuses and, so, to adequately treat the mucous membranes of the nasal passages, the nasopharynx and the Eustachian tubes where abundant catarrh and mucus secretions can fester or become encrusted. This treatment is particularly effective for hypertrophic, atrophic and chronic rhinitis and for chronic nasal catarrhal pathologies such as rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, secretory otitis and oto-salpingitis in adults.


Micronized sprays are a relatively new spa treatment technique. They ensure better penetration in hardly accessible cavities such as the paranasal sinuses. Moreover, this technique allows an appropriate treatment of the nasal cavities and rhinopharyinx with a significant reduction of the pain usually caused by classical irrigation. Thus, it should be preferred in the cases of very sensitive mucosae. The technique consists in pressure spraying the nasal cavities with nebulized mineral water in large water particles (diameter 20-30 micron). This is performed by using a specific device connected to rubber tubes that are able to spray the nebulised water at room temperature and collect the resulting secretions, discarding them. The non-specific therapeutic effects – as irrigation – is related to the cleansing of the secretions, including mucopurulent ones, as well as its trophic, decongesting and mucolytic action. These are combined with the specific actions of the waters being used.

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Efficacious in treating tubal stenosis, chronic catarrhal otitis, chronic purulent otisis, secretory otitis media, for rhinogenous deafness and for tubotympanitis (otitis media). It also as a specific therapeutic or prophylactic action in chronic catarrhal tympanitis caused by tubal insufficiency and in treating “rhinogenous deafness”, typical consequences of a catarrhal phlogosis of the tympanum. In most cases there is inflammation of the tympanum or inflammation originating in the nasal cavity that then extends into the auditory tube, and which can cause serious problems to the hearing function. Endotympanic insufflations guarantees a net improvement in the auditory function and prevents the otitis becoming acute again. Insufflation can be carried out by tubal bougienage or using chrenotherapeutic Politzer. In the first case the thermal waters are carefully introduced (in the form of gas) using a suitable flexible bougie through which the thermal aerosol is insufflated to the tympanum via the Eustachian tube with the ear. In general these techniques are used to treat adult patients. On the other hand, Politzer crenotherapy is preferably used for children, consists in introducing the same thermal aerosol gas into the internal part of the nares using a small toggle.



These thermal therapies reduce pain, improve both bloods circulation and muscle tone, as well as helping to rehabilitate joint functions and articulation. They are indicated in the treatment of rheumatic and orthopaedic illnesses: localized and diffuse osteoarthritis, cervical osteoarthritis, lumbar osteoarthritis, the outcomes of discal hernia operations, scapula humeral periarthritis, the outcome of rheumatic polyarthritis, osteoporosis, extra-articular rheumatism, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, and fibrosis. This as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative actions, stimulating the immune system as well as favouring natural detoxification processes. The most specific indications are for chronic and acute pathologies of the muscolo-skeletal system.

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Available in single tub with ozonized hydromassage or in thermal swimming pool with standard hydromassage. In addition to the benifical action of the temperature, Balneotherapy in individual bathtubs with ozonized idromassage helps to stimulate and reactivate blood circulation while simultaneously having muscle relaxant, sedative and pain reliehaving effects. In addiction to the many benefits derived from the specific properties of the thermal waters, motor activity in water can be performed at the same time in condition of reduced weight. The body is fully and confortably immersed in the pool’s thermal water, with reduced load on the joints. In addition to the passive stimulating action from the underwater hydromassage jets, joints and muscles are actively stimulated through free and continuos movements.

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specialist medical services


At Torre Canne Health Spa appointments and professional advice are available from our specialists in orthopaedics, rheumatology, physiatrics, otorhinolaryngology, allergology, dermatology, angiology, cardiology, sports science paediatrics and pneumology.

Appointments for examinations or consultation may be made at the Spa's reception desk, alternatively please telephone (0039) 080 48251.

When the Spa departments are in operation a doctor will be present at all times, providing medical assistance to the customers of the spa.

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beauty and wellness


In addition to the thermal treatments, our specialists provide face and body beauty treatments. Along with classic beauty treatments such as face cleansing, depilation (hair removal) and massages, the centre also offers anti wrinkle, relaxing, purifying, regenerative, and toning treatments. The various treatments include:



Developed to fight anaesthetic and non-beautifying loss of tone and elasticity of body tissues over time, the effect of foodstuffs, and a sedentary life.



Aims to slim and shape the body thanks to the active principles of the red algae mud, coffee and yellow poppy. Moreover, the active principles of brown algae and bitter orange promote the skin drainage and detoxification.



This treatment allows the skin to be exposed to the sun with compact and well-hydrated tissues, in order to have a uniform and perfect tan.

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Draining, diuretic, and anti-stress massage treatments.The specific progressive and variable intensity vibratory massage generates deep stimulation of the lymphatic system as far as the main lymphoglandula stations, reactivating natural defluxio action.eactivating the natural defluxio effect.


Cupping Therapy, known in Italy as "Coppettazione", is an ancient practice used in Chinese medicine to treat muscular pain and stiffness, but above all, it is a very effective remedy in the treatment of cellulite.


The heat generated by volcanic rocks can reach the deepest hidden areas of built-up tension, and performs a deep-heat treatment on muscles. Oxygen stimulates and detoxes the tissues creating positive effects on both blood and lymphatic circulation. It induces a natural neuro-psycho-physical balance, producing a sensation of general well-being.


Treatment that drains and breaks up excess liquid. By rhythmically and progressively compressing the body then releasing pressure from the bottom up, excess interstitial liquid accumulated in cells is released, thereby facilitating lymphatic and venous return. Good for all conditions of stasis and edema in the lower limbs, as well as being adjuvant in treating the initial stages of cellulite.

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theraphies for vascular illnesses





There are two Walkways, one beside the other and forming two baths containing hot and cold thermal water with lateral ozonized hydromassages positioned at various heights. In fact, walking against the current of the thermal water at different temperatures (36-35°C hot water and 26-25°C cold water) triggers a specific action that reactivates the muscles, rehabilitates the joints and tones the skin, as well as helping reduce the swelling or cellulitis from the legs. Pressotherapy and lymph draining massage may also be carried out in association with the Walkway. The after-effects of phlebopathy benefit from these thermal therapies, as do venous insufficiency, the post-operative effects of peripheral vascular surgery, varices of the lower limbs, chronic vasculopathy in the lower limbs (if venous), and peripheral vascular functional disorders. Upon indication of the specialist, the cure can also be performed in single tub with ozonized hydromassage.

In this case the thermal treatments also have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing swelling and improving blood microcirculation in the lower limbs, as well as recovery of the musculo-articular function of the limbs. They are recommended as a method for preventing and curing illnesses caused by stress and a sedentary life, in addition to postural gym. At the end of these treatments, guests can enjoy the “Tepidarium”, a collective relaxing space that allows to continue the reaction phase and gradually readapt to the external environment, avoiding sudden changes in temperature.

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In addition to the thermal therapies, the Spa at Torre Canne has an advanced physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, and hydrokinesitherapy centre. These treatments are particularly good for recovering functionality in limbs following fractures, various traumas, post-operative outcomes of orthopaedic surgery, treating chronic articular affections (arthrosis and chronic arthritis), and disabling outcomes of neurological diseases (Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Multiple sclerosis, ALS, etc.). Effecting a gradual and increasing rehabilitating and muscle toning action on the limbs, they are also effective as conservative and preventative treatments, above all in the elderly. The centre offers radar therapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Tecar Therapy, analgesic stimulation, electrostimulation, partial and full manual massage, as well as manual, instrumental, lymphatic drainage and postural kinesitherapy, Hydrokinesitherapy is carried out in the therapeutic pool thermal by therapists specialised in rehabilitation resulting in significant motor recovery both in the outcomes of orthopaedic-traumatological illness (rheumatoid arthritis, SAAP, sero-negative arthritis, etc.), or neurological diseases (hemi and paraplegia in adults and children, outcomes of infantile cerebral paralysis (or palsy), ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.).

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Health Conferences


Our medicals will explain the benefits of spa treatments and will give useful indications for a healthy lifestyle.

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Additional Therapies

15% discount on chargeable therapies (at least 6 treatments) in addition to the cycle covered by the National Health Care service. 20% discount on all other thermal and/or physiotherapy treatments performed after one chargeable cycle.

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After the thermal treatments, you may wish to visit Torre Canne Health Spa's modern physiotherapy, kinesitherapy and hydrokinesitherapy centre.

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Beauty and Well-Being

Many solutions to find again your well-being and balance, thanks to custom-made and specific treatments.

Torre Canne Thermal SPA Via Appia 2, 72016 Torre Canne di Fasano (BR)


Near GranSerena Hotel you can reach Torre Canne thermal Spa: BY CAR: Coming by car, take the A14 Milano-Bari motorway or the A16 Roma-Bari. From Bari, head for Brindisi on State Highway 16 until the Torre Canne exit. BY TRAIN: Change at Bari for Cisternino, Fasanon or Ostuni. There are buses to the Spa or transfer service available upon request. BY PLANE: Bari airport is 77 km away and Brindisi Airport 50 km. Transfer service available upon request (payment).



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