The village stands on a splendid beach fringed with dunes, covered with Mediterranean scrub. The sandy beach is private and has umbrellas and sun loungers, changing rooms and showers, a bar, information desk. Each room has a reserved umbrella with two sun loungers. The seabed is sandy.

At guests disposal, sailing and windsurfing boats (except during course times), canoes, paddle surfing, beach volleyball court, group sailing and windsurfing courses. Furthermore, sea lovers can use the services of the Bluserena SeaSport (some for a fee) and the contracted external diving center (for a fee).

The rooms are on average 400 m from the sea. There are no internal shuttles. The village is directly on the beach and there are no roads in between. Guests are prohibited from circulating with any motorized or electric means of transport, circulation by bike is only allowed for children up to 6 years of age. The village is free of architectural barriers. On the beach there is a JOB chair, specific for swimming in the sea and, on request, it is possible to rent wheelchairs. There are no individual accompanying services.

The entertainment, always present and never intrusive, will offer daily: strech & tone, sailing and windsurfing courses (collective), sports tournaments, water aerobics, group dances.

Mare spiaggia is serenas badesi village sardegna bandiera blu

On the beach there is "Serenella Beach" equipped area reserved for the children of Serenino.


On the beach: for the SerenUp and SerenHappy kids, sailing courses, windsurfing, canoeing, and paddle surfing courses.

The Beach Point on the beach provides for the allocation of umbrellas and sun loungers. It also provides general information about the village and the entertainment. There is a compressor for inflatables.

Is serenas badesi village villaggio turistico sardegna