restaurant and bar


The Hotel has a welcoming restaurant. Breakfast and lunch are buffet meals, dinner has table-service. There is a bar.

The Hotel has a limited choice of gluten-free packed products. However total absence of gluten cannot be guaranteed as there is only a single kitchen.


Parents who prefer to cook and prepare meals for their children can use the Mother & Baby kitchen which is accessible 24 hours a day. Basic foods are available at main mealtimes. Facilities include electric hobs, fridge, sink, tables, chairs, high-chairs, pots and pans, bottle-warmer, microwave oven, blender, sterilizer and homogenizer. At main mealtimes vegetable and meat broths, vegetable puree, small pasta, slices of meat, fish fillets, ham, dairy products, fresh fruit, fresh milk, yoghurt, jams, tea and chamomile, biscuits are available (baby foods, processed cheeses and powdered and liquid baby milk are not provided).

Includes buffet breakfast, dinner with reserved seating and table service, buffet for starters, side dishes and fruit. Water and wine on tap are provided free of charge during meals. Free afternoon snack on return from the ski slopes. Christmas Dinner and New Year’s Dinner are included for weekly stays. Use of the Mother & Baby kitchen. Children and teenagers staying in full board can have the Serenino Club, our “Mini-Club”, and Serenup the “Bluserena Junior-Club” assisted lunches, while those staying in half board may use this service by purchasing individual meals.

Includes a buffet service lunch with wine and water on tap; Serenino and Serenup Club lunch for children and teenagers. The full board supplement may only be booked for the entire duration of the stay. The price is per person per day for adults and children aged three and over. Children aged 0-3 or under (before 3rd birthday) are free. Any extra meals for Guests in half-board will be charged separately.


A well-stocked bar is available for Guests to use. Payments are made only by using smart cards.