Teeny Club, children from 11 to 14 years old

Sea, sports, music, dance, challenges, and workshops for a stimulating and exciting holiday, together with many new friends among parties, games and sports.

To the SerenUp children have their own area inspired by the "Cyberpunk" world, Cyber-Arena and Cyber-Beach by the sea, with new equipment and activities, such as Air trampoline, Archery combat, Water race and much more (at Serena Majestic Hotel Residence the activities will be carried out in different spaces within the village). A world full of games and experiences: Archery Combat, team challenges with safe bows and arrows; the Night under the stars, the enthusiasm of feeling "already grown up", having dinner "under the stars" and spending the night in a tent; the Blaster Challenge, fun fights with colorful toy weapons, trials and many obstacles to overcome. And much more, our Bluserena Football Academy and the Rhythmic Gymnastics course, free body exercises accompanied by music and tools such as ribbon, ball and hoops; the Aerial Dances course (except at the Serena Majestic Hotel Residence); the Water Race in the swimming pool, a speed competition between radio-controlled motorboats, the Air trampoline, an inflatable mountain on which to have fun jumping (except at the Serena Majestic Hotel Residence). Great excitement also on the beach in the Cyber-Beach area: SportUp, the boys and girl will be followed by our coaches who will satisfy their preferences and record their progress and goals in an exclusive “sport passport”; Lupetti di Mare, a full day with SeaSport instructors, to learn the techniques of sailing and windsurfing, then a packed lunch and, finally, a wonderful canoe excursion. SerenUp boys and girls will also be able to participate in the Laser Match, the great team game with infrared weapons. At Serenè Village and Torreserena Village Adventure Park, with suspended paths between the trees, to be done in maximum safety (for children between 110 cm and 150 cm of height). SerenUp guys will also be able to have lunch together with their holiday friends assisted by our staff. SerenUp is available in all Bluserena Villages from 06.06.2022 to 10.09.2022 every day except Sunday, from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm (at the Serena Majestic Hotel Residence paid lunch for guests in the Residence Formula). 14-years-old can choose whether to sign up for SerenUp or SerenHappy.

Serenup per bambini villaggio turistico