Teeny Club, 11 - 14 years

Sea, sports, music, dance, theatre, and workshops for a stimulating and exciting holiday, together with many new friends with parties, games and sports.

Many possible activities, including football practice and sailing and canoeing courses. Bluserena Musical School, a theatrical workshop with acting, singing and dancing classes. After a week of rehearsals and living back-stage, the kids with stage a real show, performing in front of a large audience. Blaster Challenge, an exclusive activity for everyone, young and old, colorful and trendy toy weapons (totally harmless), trials and many obstacles to overcome to achieve victory. SleepOver, the joy of feeling “grown-up” having dinner under the stars and, spending the night in a tent, camping in the protected area of the Village with our staff and many new friends. Pizza on the Beach, after the evening show, we offer, together with our entertainers, pizza on the beach, and general fun and games. Seaside Pic-nic, the pleasure of partaking in a real pic-nic on the beach, with our entertainers and lifeguards. SportUp, great attention to the world of sport. The kids will be supervised by our coaches who will will support their personal interests and note progress and goals in an exclusive "sports passport". Play Your Role Game: everyone will live an extraordinary adventure, avoid dangers, fight monsters and bewitched creatures, find hidden treasures, playing with their imagination only. Additionally, Football School and Modern Dance School (Street Dance at Calanè Village).

Our youngest guests can have lunch with our entertainers. Serenup is available in all Bluserena Villages every day except Sundays, from 9.00 to 12.30pm and from 3.00 to 07.00pm, from 3 June to 7 September 2019 (at the Serena Majestic Hotel until 14 September 2019); Calanè Village teenagers guests can use the adjacent Valentino Resort Serenup. 14 years old teens may choose to register for Serenup or Serenhappy.

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