SereninoPiù Club
Mini Club, 6 - 10 years

SereninoPiù Club is the club for 6 to 10-year old children. All the activities of SereninoPiù are designed for entertaining older children who, as well as taking part in the activities of the Serenino Club, can enjoy several creative activities.

Kids in SereninoPiù can also enjoy the fun of Serenino Dance along with Serenella the Ladybird. Yoga Serenino, a playful journey through enchanted fairy tales, music and yoga. Baby Gym, muscular awakening as the first event of the morning. Mini Chef, children will turn into chefs and make pizzas using flour, tomato and a lot of fun. We will get into the magical world of Serenella and her Super Friends. The strength of Superblu and the speed of Nanoflash, together with the magic of Serenella, will always unmask Astromonster. Thousands of adventures, colourful events and surprises in Serenino Wonderland. Every week, Bluserena Musical School for acting, dancing and performing on stage like young stars! Adventure Park at Torreserena Village and Serenè Village.

SereninoPiù kids can also have lunch with the entertainment staff and many new little friends from 03.06 to 07.09.2019 (at Serena Majestic up to 14.09.2019). The club is open every day except Sunday from 09.30am to 06.30pm 30pm (on Monday open from 09.00am). Children aged 10 may choose between SereninoPiù and Serenup.

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