Junior Club, 14 - 17 years

As well as sea and sports, kids of the Serenhappy club can enjoy a very rich programme of activities.

Bluserena Musical School, an actual singing, acting and dancing workshop where, following the directions of our expert choreographers, the kids will discover the backstage world and the rehearsals, up to the live performance on stage! Vintage Secret party, a dip in the 90's made of funny games of knowledge, music, secrets and special guests!
 Night under the stars, the emotion of spending the night in a tent with friends, having a moonlit dinner. Entertainer for a day, Every kid will have the chance to enjoy a unique experience: they will officially be part of our Dreamteam, our entertaining staff, wearing the uniform (provided by Bluserena) and taking part in the activities like real professionals, from the morning to the night. Battle Royale: following the trend of the most popular interactive video games of the moment, we unleash a super challenge where everyone is protagonist! Colorful toy weapons, amulets and protections, lots of cunning and agility... and the victory will be ours.


Serenhappy kids can have lunch with our staff and many new friends. Serenhappy is available in all Bluserena Villages, every day except Sundays, from 9.00 to 12.30pm and from 3.00 to 07.00pm, from 3 June to 7 September 2019 (at Serena Majestic until 14 September 2019); Calanè guests can enjoy the Serenup at the adjacent Valentino Resort.

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