Baby kitchen/baby feeding facility


Baby Kitchen/Baby feeding facility is an area dedicated to parents (with tables, chairs and high chairs) for the baby food of 0-3 years old, with assistance and availability of basic products during the main meal times: vegetable and meat broths, vegetable soup, pasta, slices of meat, fish fillets, cooked ham, dairy products, fresh fruit, fresh milk, soy milk, rice milk, lactose-free milk, yogurt, jams, tea and chamomile and biscuits. Not available baby food, cheese and baby milk in both liquid and powder form. It will also be possible to heat milk and baby food, sterilize, blend, homogenise food. It is accessible from 6 am to midnight. During closing time it will be possible to ask to the reception staff to heat the milk using the microwave oven provided. A basic set of packaged products will also be available to customers. At GranSerena Hotel it is available from 25.05 to 11.09.2022. At the Serena Majestic Hotel Residence only available for those who choose the Hotel formula or the Board in Residence formulas.

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