Mother & Baby Kitchen
24 hours a day

Parents who prefer to cook and prepare meals for their children can use a Mother and baby kitchen with assistance and availability of basic ingredients during the main meals, accessible 24 hours a day.

Facilities include electric hobs, fridge, sink, tables, chairs, high-chairs, pots and pans, bottle-warmer, microwave oven, blender, sterilizer and homogenizer.

At main mealtimes vegetable and meat broths, vegetable puree, small pasta, slices of meat, fish fillets, ham, dairy products, fresh fruit, fresh milk, soy milk, rice milk, lactose-free milk, yogurt, jams, tea, chamomile tea and biscuits are available. Baby foods, processed cheeses and powdered and liquid baby milk are not provided (at GranSerena Hotel, Mother & Baby’s Kitchen, is available from 26 May to 14 September 2019).

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