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As an alternative to the restaurant's indoor dining room it is possible to have lunch and dinner in the “Giardino”, a shaded area outside the main restaurant with reserved table for family. The service is available at Calaserena Village and Torreserena Village and from 2019 to Serenè Village, free of charge and to be booked for the entire period of stay, both lunch and dinner. In the event of adverse weather conditions the accommodation will be in the main restaurant, in the second round.

Rich food offer with buffets and show-cooking

Our chefs will help you discover the regional territory by offering you the typical traditional dishes and, with the Show Cooking, they will entertain you by cooking in front of the audience. All main restaurant rooms are equipped with air-conditioning. The kids in the Mini, Teeny and Junior Clubs can have lunch with our entertainment staff and all new little friends from 3 June to 7 September 2019 (At Serena Majestic up to 14 September 2019).

Bluserena commitment for animal welfare
An ethical choice: starting from the 2017 season, 100% of the eggs used in the Bluserena Villages comes from barn hens.

And the other Restaurants

The Villages Bluserena have La Braceria on the beach and the restaurant Il Gusto with tables reserved for family, both one from Monday to Saturday, from 10 June to 21 September 2019 (at GranSerena Hotel and Sibari Green Resort up to 14.09.2019). Subject to limited availability, possibly with turns at different time slots, they can be reserved in the village one day in advance. At Serenè Village and Sibari Green Village: La Braceria on the beach and the restaurant Il Gusto, both one open for lunch at least one of them open for dinner. At Valentino Village and Calanè Village: restaurant on the beach Scirò and a grill-house/pizzeria Ethra open for dinner. At Calaserena Village and Torreserena Village: restaurant Il Gusto open for dinner and lunch. At GranSerena Hotel and Serenusa Village: Il Gusto restaurant/braceria open for dinner and lunch. At Serena Majestic in Abruzzi: “Gulliver” pizzeria from 15 June to 7 September 2019 (upon payment). customers are entitled to a maximum of two accesses per person for a 7 night; one access for a 4 to 6 night stay; guests who booked “Extra” treatment are entitled to a maximum of three accesses.

Mother & Baby Kitchen

Parents who prefer to cook and prepare meals for their children can use the large Mother and baby kitchen which is accessible 24 hours a day. Assistance is provided and basic foods are available at main mealtimes. Facilities include electric hobs, fridge, sink, tables, chairs, high-chairs, pots and pans, bottle-warmer, microwave oven, blender, sterilizer and homogenizer.



Bluserena is particularly careful to its Guests’ wellbeing, both in the offer and in the correct information on allergens. Although it is not possible to offer customized and tailor-made menus for each Guest, we can ensure the following: GLUTEN. At Serenè Village, in Calabria, there is an AIC (Italian Association for Celiac Disease) certified menu for our celiac friends from 16 June to 7 September 2019: packed products (tarts and crispbread) and a salami for breakfast, three appetizers, two starters, two main courses and a dessert for lunch and dinner. The restaurant in all the Bluserena Villages offers packed products (tarts and crispbread) and a salami for breakfast, as well as a first course, second course and dessert for lunch and dinner made with gluten-free ingredients (all meals, however, are prepared in a unique kitchen, therefore with possible contamination). LACTOSE AND EGGS. The restaurant in all the Bluserena Villages offers lactose-free and egg-free packed products (tarts, crispbread, yogurt and milk, which is also available at the main café) for breakfast, as well as a first course, second course, a salami, a cheese and a dessert for lunch and dinner without lactose and eggs. In the Mothers and Children Kitchen you can find: soy milk, rice milk and lactose-free milk.
 However total absence of contamination cannot be guaranteed as there is a single kitchen (except packed products and a AIC certified menu at Serenè Village).

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