Ristorante ristorazione allinclusive villaggi turistici
Villaggi turistici ristoranti ristorazione allinclusive
Reserved table for family


The table is exclusive to a single family. It is possible to request the assignment of the same table for the entire stay by booking the Jolly Formula or Il Patio.

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The grand buffet and show cooking

Bluserena Villages offer a rich, varied and quality restaurant, with menus of at least 25 courses. Our chefs will lead you to discover the regional territory, Italian traditions and culinary proposals from around the world. With Show cooking they will delight you every day with dishes cooked on sight. In each Bluserena Village there is the central restaurant with air-conditioned rooms and a shaded outdoor area, in the garden or terrace, Il Patio, free and bookable upon confirmation (not available at Serenusa Village, Valentino Village and Sibari Green Village; at the 5-stars Alborèa Ecolodge Resort is subject to charges). The table is exclusive to a single family and can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 people. It is not always the same for the duration of the stay, but is assigned to each entrance to the restaurant, in the internal rooms or in the external area. It is not allowed to join more tables. On site you can request the proximity of your table with that of another family, subject to availability. Upon request, those who book Il Patio will be assigned the same table for the duration of their stay. On request, those who book the Jolly Formula will be assigned the same table in the air-conditioned rooms or in the Patio, for the entire duration of the stay.

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Choice of several restaurants, all free

All the Villages offer the possibility to choose,for free, thematic restaurants different from the central one: Blu Beach Restaurant on the beach with buffet service, Il Gusto gourmet restaurant with table service, in some Villages even a Pizzeria. Not available at Serena Majestic. Alternatively, Sea Box to be consumed on the beach. The reservation of the Sea Box and the other restaurants in the village must be made for the entire room and not for individual components. Accesses depend on the chosen formula. AT IS SERENAS BADESI VILLAGE: four large restaurants, freely accessible to all guests, offer refined and always different cuisine, with particular attention to local traditions. In each village, bar in the square and on the beach, as well as the corner bar inside the central restaurant. At Is Serenas Badesi Village: four bars, one of which is reserved for Prestige Rooms, as well as Easy Food, a snack point in the square.

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Baby kitchen / feeding area

The Baby Kitchen / Biberoneria is an area dedicated to parents (with tables, chairs and high chairs) for baby food 0-3 years old, with assistance and availability of basic products during main meal times: vegetable and meat broths, vegetable soup, pasta, slices of meat, fish fillets, cooked ham, dairy products, fresh fruit, fresh milk, soy milk, rice milk, lactose-free milk, yogurt, jams, tea and chamomile, biscuits. Not available baby food, cheese and baby milk in both liquid and powder form. It will also be possible to heat milk and baby food, sterilize, blend. It is accessible from 07:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. During closing time it will be possible to ask the reception staff to heat the milk using the microwave oven provided. A basic set of packaged products will also be available to customers. At GranSerena Hotel it is available until 12.09.2021; at Serena Majestic the Baby / Biberoneria kitchen is available only for those who choose the Hotel formula or the Pension in Residence formulas.


Bluserena pays particular attention to the well-being of guests, both in the offer and in the correct information on allergens, in particular to those with gluten intolerances (Serenè Village adheres to the Food Out of Home program - AFC - of the Italian Celiac Association), to lactose and eggs. While in no case being able to offer personalized menus prepared ad hoc for individual guests, it guarantees in restaurants with buffet service, gluten-free, lactose-free and egg-free food. Gluten-free food: in addition to a rich buffet and assortment of naturally gluten-free foods, a cold cut of the day and packaged basic products (tarts, snacks and rusks) are available for breakfast; for lunch and dinner, in addition to a rich range of naturally gluten-free foods, a first course, a second course and a dessert made with gluten-free ingredients (dishes for which, however, the absolute absence of contamination cannot be guaranteed). Lactose free and eggs free food: available for breakfast, in addition to a rich buffet of naturally lactose and egg free foods, lactose and egg free packaged basic products (snacks, rusks, yogurt and milk); for lunch and dinner at least a first, second, cold cut, cheese and dessert without lactose or eggs. In restaurants with table service, on request: Gluten-free food, a first course, a second course and a dessert made with gluten-free ingredients. Lactose free and eggs free food: a first course, a second course and a dessert made with lactose-free and egg-free ingredients. However, it is not possible to guarantee the absolute absence of contamination for any type of intolerance (except for the packaged products indicated above and for the AFC gluten-free menu of Serenè Village).


Food Out of Home program - AFC - of the Italian Celiac Association at the Serenè Village



Serenè Village adheres to the Food Out of Home program - AFC - of the Italian Celiac Association, at the main restaurant from 13.06 to 11.09.2021: gluten-free packaged products for breakfast (assorted croissants, biscuits and rusks) and cold cuts for lunch and dinner a menu consisting of three appetizers, two first courses, two second courses and a dessert.


Bluserena's commitment for animal wellbeing



An ethical choice: following the meeting with Animal Equality and considering the confinement in cages of chickens as a negative practice for animal welfare, 100% of the chicken eggs purchased and used every year in all Bluserena villages do not come from caged farms or from combined systems.

Ristorante ristorazione allinclusive villaggi turistici
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