4-Star Bluserena Holiday Villages


Quality Holidays

For over 30 years, Bluserena has been paying its utmost care and attention to offering Quality Holidays, putting the Guest at the centre of every decision and activity. All our facilities are new or constantly renewed, with a busy schedule of maintenance activities and improvements.


Customer satisfaction amounts to 95%, and is assessed in writing on a weekly basis. For over thirty years, Bluserena has simply been a synonym for Quality.

Quality and Safety

Our food service is rich, varied and of excellent quality. And safe, too: we ensure total commitment in terms of hygiene and traceability of the food products with focus on food intolerances. The our large beaches, are perfectly equipped, they are cleaned daily and offer a constant assistance service.


The quality of the services, hygiene and safety is ensured also by analyses, assessments and measurements carried out by specifically trained staff, performing 7,500 checks on the quality of services, 3,000 instrumental assessments and 650 laboratory analyses to ensure the safety of water, swimming pools and food.




Bluserena has always meant Quality! 75 Awards, Certificates of Excellence, Hall of Fame and Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice for “Family Hotels” thanks to more than 15,000 “Excellent” and ”Very good” reviews since 2012: moreover, nine Bluserena Villages have been rated by TripAdvisor 4.5 and one 4 out of 5.


Our villages have no architectural barriers and equipped for our differently abled guests. We have rooms dedicated, reserved slots in the parking lot, in the amphitheatre and on the beach (near the walkway), and special chairs for bathing. Individual escorting service is not provided.


The ability and Professionalism of our employees are crucial factors for the application of the high standards of organization, quality and services on offer. Bluserena has always invested on the training of its employees: class training, “on-the-job” training, continuous training and specialization of the skills.

Kids Friendly Holiday

Services, equipment and comfort are designed to meet also the needs of children, kids and their parents, to provide fun as well as safety, with a constant and thorough maintenance activity.


bluserena is tinged in green


In order to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy and the impact on the environment, Bluserena uses energy produced by photovoltaic panels, which, in this way, avoids the emission of about fifteen thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. Bluserena has received the CERTIFICATE OF ENVIRONMENTAL SAVING in testimony of its commitment to the environment. In 2018, by purchasing products in Fiberpack, Bluserena contributed to saving 240.000 trees.

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