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We are located in Apulia, a few steps from the beautiful white towns of Itria Valley (Locorotondo, Ostuni and Martina Franca about 25 km away). Stays in Apulia allow you to enjoy landscapes of unquestionable beauty, between sea and countryside: 30 km from the trulli of Alberobello; at 40 km the Caves of Castellaneta and Putignano; Zoosafari of Fasano is only 15 km away.

Granserena hotel puglia territorio

Accessible directly from GranSerena Hotel, the Terme di Torre Canne, are one of the most beautiful in the Southern Italy, directly on the sea, affiliated with the National Health System and classified as the first Super level. They offer respiratory treatments (inhalations and insufflations), mud therapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It is advisable to book treatments in advance. For information and reservations click here or send an email to: Inside the Terme there is Bluwellness, which offers beauty and wellness treatments. The Terme di Torre Canne are open from 03.05 to 17.10.2021. Closed on Sundays.





FASANO ZOOSAFARI 15 km far - Half-day trip


Fasano ZooSafari with its amusement park, Fasanolandia, is the ideal family excursion. The faunistic park, the biggest of its kind in Italy, is home to many different species coming from the 5 continents. Animals wander freely over the park, which guests drive through while making pictures and videos in their habitat by crossing the zoo with their own car. In the amusement park: rides and other entertainment attractions such as shows, discotheque, theatre and restaurants.




cisternino 20 km far - Half-day trip


The town stands on a shelf of calcareous rock in the undulating terrain of south-eastern Murgia. It is touched by the breezes of the nearby Adriatic Sea and surrounded by lush farmland. Cisternino is characterized for its typical white-plaster houses. The narrow streets and alleyways are punctuated by geraniums and stonework friezes, as well as by the balconies, arches and stairways which bring to life the incredible historic town centre.




LOCOROTONDO 25 km far - Half-day trip


Located in the Itria Valley, halfway between the Adriatic and the Ionian, Locorotondo is famous for being part of an exclusive club: that of the "most beautiful villages in Italy". Of particular interest is the historic center which strikes for its graceful and intimate ensemble, with its characteristic houses with unusual pointed roofs called “cummerse”. Also worth visiting is the Town Hall, seat of the City and of the University, a name that in ancient times was given to the Town Hall.




martina franca 26 km far - Half-day trip


Martina Franca is an elegant little town, 431m above sea level, balanced on one of the southern-most hills of south-eastern Murgia. It looks out over the enchanting Valle d'Itria, a green expanse stretching out below, dotted by the local white dry-stone houses or “trulli”. Baroque Art is expressed throughout the historic town centre along its streets and white-walled alleys and closes, in its noble houses and in its monumental, majestic churches. Places to be visited include the Ducal Palace, home of Valle d’Itria summer festival, which attracts visitors and artists from all over the world, San Martino Cathedral and the “Chiesa del Carmine” Church.




ostuni 27 km far - Half-day trip


Ostuni, also known as the "White City", is a splendid city dominated by the millennial terminal column of Via Appia, rich in monuments such as the Aragonese and Svevo castles, the Romanesque church of Christ, the Church of Santa Maria del Casale, the Tancredi fountain and the circular temple of S. Giovanni al Sepolcro. To be visited in particular the museum of the Preclassical Civilizations of the Southern Murge, where you can see the cast of Delia, the prehistoric pregnant woman found in 1991 and dating back to over 25,000 years ago. You can also admire the coast of marina of Ostuni (Riviera dei trulli, with the marinas of Fasano and Carovigno) which attracts a large number of holidaymakers for the variety of the coast that presents itself, with sandy beaches, Mediterranean scrub, inlets and low cliffs.



polignano 31 km far - Half-day trip


Famous for being the birthplace of Domenico Modugno, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, on an area of about 63 square kilometers and with an almost triangular geometric shape, stands a small town called Polignano a Mare. From ancient origins, the old Neapolis is just over 30 km south-east from Bari. Arabs and Byzantines, Spaniards and Normans have left indelible traces of their presence. Of particular interest are the Abbey of San Vito belonging to the Norman period, the Via Traiana from the Roman period, which connected Rome to Brindisi, and the historic palaces of the feudal period of the Governor, the Feudatory and the Clock.




THE CAVES OF CASTELLANA 40 km far - Half-day trip


Discovered by the speleologist Franco Anelli in 1938, the caves of Castellana present calcareous concretions of rare beauty. The tourist route extends for about 3 kilometers between places with suggestive names, such as the Black Grotto, the Angel Corridor, the Cavernetta del Presepe, the Cavern of the Precipice, the Crystal Pond and the White Grotto.




PUTIGNANO AND ALBEROBELLO 55 km far - Full day trip


Putignano is famous for its carnival and the carpenter's shops, who make the "floats" of this famous parade. To visit the Marchione Castle, the mother church of S. Pietro and the church of S. Michele, dating back to the 16th century. 15 kilometers from Putignano, still following the Provincial Road, is Alberobello, with its extraordinary and unique buildings: the Trulli, an artistic and cultural heritage of global significance, also enhanced and promoted by UNESCO.




lecce 90 km far – Full day trip


A city rich in testimonies and works of art from the Roman, medieval and Renaissance periods, but Lecce is mainly a Baroque city. Walking through the streets of the center, and not only, you can admire beautiful examples of this architecture in monuments, churches but also balconies and terraces of private homes: the church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza in piazzetta Baglivi and that of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli in the piazzetta; the sixteenth-century Palazzo Adorno and the Basilica of Santa Croce, symbol of the city and of the Lecce Baroque. Do not miss Piazza del Duomo where the Duomo is only one of the imposing and important buildings, and the Roman Amphitheater of Lecce which, together with the Theater, is the most important testimony of the Roman era. Finally, the Castle of Charles V, you will certainly be fascinated by the refined decorations of the interior: the capitals and the decorated frame of the great hall, the spaces illuminated by imposing windows, the delicate decorative details, the hall upstairs with the supported vaults by mighty stone columns, all elements of considerable artistic importance.




GALLIPOLI 131 km far – Full day trip


It is certainly one of the most famous place in Salento. The town, all perched on an islet linked to the mainland by a long bridge, once made of stone, offers a cultural and artistic heritage of considerable interest and beauty. Its ancient village is a maze of alleys among which you can discover jewels of both civil and religious art and architecture. First of all, the beautiful churches, which were born in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, were embellished and redone with the typical floral and elegant taste of Baroque period, with majolica painted both on the facades and in the pavement, the altars, the wooden and papier-mache statues and many paintings, some of great value.