Calaserena Village offers a rich and wide quality catering service. The buffet (including breakfast) offers at least 25 dishes with hot and cold appetizers, starters, side dishes, grilled fish and meat, fruit, desserts, water and draught wine free of charge during meals; canned drinks and bottles of wine may only be purchased with your smart card. It is also possible to request a packed lunch instead of the meal. A wide selection of fresh and light food are available. Typical local products will be offered periodically. During meals, the chefs of Calaserena Village will be protagonists of the Show-Cooking, preparing tasty dishes in the restaurant hall. The 2 comfortable restaurant rooms, all with air conditioning, are connected to a single large hall buffet. Tables seat 8-9 people, there will often be, therefore, other hotel guests eating at the table with you during mealtimes (Guests in “Comfort” rooms have reserved tables). Our selected and gentle staff will ensure a continuous replenishment of the buffet: you will be welcomed with a smile and kindness.



From 08.06 to 12.09.2020 are also available, for free, the restaurant “Il Gusto” with reserved table for each family, open for dinner from Monday to Saturday, (subject to limited availability, possibly with turns at different time slots, they can be reserved in the Village one day in advance). customers who booked Full board Più are entitled to a maximum of an access per person for stays of at least 7 nights. Guests who booked “Extra” offer are entitled to a maximum of two access per person for stays of 7 nights.

Main Restaurant: buffet breakfast with a jug of coffee, buffet service lunch and dinner with show-cooking, filtered tap water and draught wine. The same seat is reserved for the whole week at tables for 8-9 people, often with other Guests (Guests in “Comfort” rooms have reserved tables) reserved lunches to Mini, Teeny and Junior Club’s children from 08.06 to 12.09.2020, pizzas and snacks on the beach from 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Bar: filtered tap water available. Beach: a reserved beach umbrella with a sunbed and a deck-chair for each family. Baby Kitchen/Baby feeding facility: parents who prefer to cook and prepare meals for their children can use the large Baby kitchen which is accessible 24 hours a day. Assistance is provided and basic foods are available at main mealtimes.

This option can be booked for at least 7 nights (and for all the people included in the booking). It includes individual drinks, which can be enjoyed up until to 2.00 p.m. on the day of departure by smart card. Drinks are always served in a glass. As well as the services included in the Full Board Più treatment, we offer the following beverage consumption options: At the main bar. Espresso, cappuccino, decaffeinated coffee and barley coffee. We also offer cappuccino with soy milk, white and spotted milk, Ginseng flavoured coffee, American brewed coffee, caffè corretto (or “espresso corretto”), Cream caffè. Herbal teas are on hand, draught or on the tap drinks in 20cl glasses are available too. We offer a choice of ice cold lemon or peach teas, lemonade, tonic water, citron juice, chinotto and gassosa, orange soda, coke; fruit juices (pineapple, A+C+E, peach, apricot, red orange and pear), syrups (cherry, almont milk, mint and orgeat), mineral water (glass), draft beer in a 20 cl glass, granite, one white and one red wine, or prosecco are also offered; liqueurs, aperitifs, vermouth, grappa and amari are also available. Cocktails, Champagne and all alcoholic beverages (grappe, liqueurs and sparkling wines) defined as special on the bar price list are excluded. Bar restaurant point. Espresso and cappuccino, decaffeinated coffee and barley coffee. Cappuccino with soy milk; white and spotted milk. At lunch and dinner from 3 years old and up, an on the tap drink is served: the drink, (one drink per person) comes in a 40-cl sized cup and orange juice, beer and coke, may be chosen. This service also includes one beach towel per person (12 years of age and up), which is exchanged for a clean towel weekly (more frequent towel changes have an extra cost).


Those who prefer to stay in the open air, as an alternative to the dining room of the restaurant, can choose “Il Giardino”, an area outside the main restaurant with reserved table for each family. The service is free and to be booked for the entire period of stay, both lunch and dinner. In the event of adverse weather conditions the accommodation will be in the main restaurant, in the second round.


Bluserena takes particular care of the well-being of its Guests, both in the offer and in the correct information on allergens. Although it is not possible to offer customized and ad hoc menus for each Guest, we can ensure the following: Gluten. The buffet at the main restaurant has a salami and packed products (tarts, snack and crisp bread) for breakfast, as well as first course, second course and dessert made with gluten- free ingredients for lunch and dinner(however, the dishes are prepared in a single kitchen, therefore contamination is possible). Lactose and eggs. The buffet at the main restaurant has lactose-free and egg-free packed products (snacks, crisp bread, yogurt and milk, which is also available at the main café) for breakfast, as well as a first course, second course, a salami, a cheese and a dessert without lactose and eggs for lunch and dinner. However total absence of contamination cannot be guaranteed as there is a single kitchen (except for the above mentioned packed products).

Calaserena Village has two well-stocked bars, one in the village square and the other on the beach, including one that stays open late. There is also a bar in the restaurant, serving coffee, bottled wine and drinks at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bars can only accept payments by smart card, which can be topped up directly at the bar in the square or at the reception desk.

baby kitchen/baby feeding facility


Parents who prefer to cook and prepare meals for their children can use a baby kitchen/baby feeding facility (located next to the restaurant) with assistance and availability of basic ingredients during the main meals, accessible 24 hours a day. Facilities include electric hobs, fridge, sink, tables, chairs, high-chairs, pots and pans, bottle-warmer, microwave oven, blender, sterilizer and homogenizer. Moreover, exclusive fridges are available for mums for storing their own food.
During mealtime assistance are available free of charge these products:
Fresh fruit, Dairy milk, soy milk, rice milk, Zymil, Soluble chocolate, Yogurt, Natural mineral water, Grated cheese, Butter, Honey, Jams, Rusks, Tea, Chamomile, Rice cream, Semolina, Tapioca corn cream, Small pasta, Cooked ham, Vegetable stock, Extra virgin olive oil, Biscuits. Baby foods, processed cheeses and powdered and liquid baby milk are not provided.

During mealtime assistance are available free of charge these prepared products:
Boiled rice, Cream of vegetable soup, Beef Broth, Vegetable stock, Tomato sauce, Vegetables alternating between chickpeas, beans, lentils).

During mealtime assistance are available free of charge these products to be cooked:
Veal slice, Chicken and turkey breast, Ricotta cheese, Eggs, Fresh vegetables (courgettes, potatoes, tomato, carrots and celery), Fish fillet.