Sardinia is a land of charming historical-cultural wonders: from the architecture of the picturesque nuraghi (about 80 km from the Village) to the works of art of the museums and galleries of Cagliari (only 30 km away), from the beautiful Villasimius (only 20 km away) to the Island of San Pietro with its amazing bays (125 km away). Moreover, the whole coast offers incredible views, with crystal clear water and long and fine sand beaches. 120 km away is Parco della Giara, one of the rare examples of pristine nature in Europe.

Calaserena village sardegna territorio


20 km FAR - Half-day trip


From Calaserena Village, by taking the Provincial road towards Villasimius, you reach the most beautiful and best-equipped seaside resort in the south of Sardinia. Attractions include the “fortezza vecchia” - star-shaped military coastal defences from the end of the eighteenth century and the international centre of “experimental visual art” at the Town hall. This was opened in 1982 and thanks to the enthusiastic participation of many European artists, it has numerous works of art on show today. At Villasimius, on the south-east coast there are a very large number of shipwrecks lying on the sea-bed. Not much further on the protected area of the Marine Park begins, stretching from Cape Carbonara to Cape Boi and as far as the island of Serpentera. Despite the fact that it is an enormously popular destination for scuba divers in summer, the sea bed and vegetation are biologically unspoilt and there are even new species of tropical fish which are now established. These have been studied by biologists over the last 20 years, who are also now well-established in the area! You can see the beautiful porcelain shellfish, once called the "Venere di Cipro" or "Venus of Cyprus" and countless species of fish, as well as turtles and dolphins.





37 km FAR - HalF-day trip


A few kilometers from the village it is possible to visit Quartu S. Elena, a town that contains many years of history with its monuments: the thirteenth-century Capuchin church, Piazza Azuni, easy to reach, marks the center of the city with a small Romanesque column, the parish church of Sant'Elena, in neoclassical style, with various and pleasant Baroque details (XVII-XVIII century). Continuing along the coast you reach Cagliari (30 kilometers from Calaserena Village) which preserves an interesting architectural and historical heritage: museums, art galleries, stately buildings and picturesque streets with artisan shops.





80 km FAR - Full-day trip


From Calaserena Village come to Cagliari and take the State Highway SS131 Carlo Felice following the indications for Torralba, in the heart of Central-north Sardinia. The area is copiously dotted with the ruins of 30 nuraghes and 10 “giants tombs”. Undoubtedly the most important archaeological site is the Nuraghe Santu Antine complex whose treasures include the royal palace which led to the making of the Valle dei Nuraghe " which determined the establishment of the museum of the Nuraghi Valley of Logudoro-Mieloghu. Of particular interest is the village of Barumini (CA). In Cagliari there are two tourist trains that allow you to make a small tour from an excellent location to admire the city from privileged spectators.





90 km FAR - Full-day trip


Drive from the Calaserena Village to Cagliari and take the State Highway SS131 proceeding for 60km in the direction of Tuili, a small agricultural village with an interesting old town. Continue up to the Giara plateau and reach “Sa Jara” nature reserve, one of the rarest example in Europe of unspoilt natural environment. In the park it is possible to observe the "della giara" ponies, unique for their characteristics, and the truly extraordinary vegetation. Following the signs for Barumini you will then reach the nuragic village "Sa Nuraxi", made up of hundreds of huts dating back to about 1500 years BC and considered by UNESCO as a world heritage site.





125 km FAR - Full-day trip


On the island of San Pietro it is possible to take a panoramic tour of the island, admiring the splendid coves and swimming in the crystal clear water. Inside, the oasis is characterized by a considerable variety of environments that give it a particularly wild aspect, where guided tours and educational activities are often organized. To visit the town of Carloforte, founded in 1700 by Ligurian fishermen, of whom the island still retains the dialect, traditions and culture.





Full Day trip


There is a specialised diving centre in Calaserena which organises a diving programme and courses held by qualified personnel. The centre offers the following courses: Instructor Specialties: Nitrox, Wrecks, Deep, Night, U/W Naturalist, Dry Suit, Multi-level, U/W Photographer, Seal Team D.Spec., U/W Videographer, Equipment, Drift and Search & Recovery. The majority of these take place in the Villasimius Marine Park. Whereas the following courses are specifically designed for younger divers: Bubblemaker: This course lasts 1 day with 2 dives to a maximum depth of 2m and includes equipment and a certificate for each participant. Seal Team: This course lasts 3 - 5 days with 5 dives (to a depth of between 2 and 4 metres) and provides participants with a video kit (a video, book, logbook, certificate and licence). Master Seal Team: This course lasts 5 - 7 days with 10 dives (to a depth of between 2 and 4 metres and provides participants with a kit (certificate, badge and licence).