Bluserena Staff

Bluserena personnel are orientated towards quality, innovation and training and are highly-motivated. Our young, customer-centred staff are introduced below:
Headquarter | Central offices

Silvio Maresca

Managing director


Di Tommaso

General management

Massimo Zanon

Sales Manager

Marco Saraceni

Serena Majestic Hotel Residence manager

Davide Malvani

GranSerena Hotel manager and Terme di Torre Canne

Alessandro Vacca

Calaserena Village manager

Julian Delfino

Serenè Village manager

Salvatore Piazza

Serenusa Village manager

Romina Rebecchi

Sibari Green Village manager

Giada Ciaciò

Booking manager

Carlo De Fabritiis

Group booking manager

Claudio Candelori

ICT manager

Rocco Basile

Maintenance department manager

Massimo Potere

Maintenance department manager

Maria Antonella



Sabrina Bianco

Quality, health and safety 

Alessandro Di


Personnel manager

Vincenzo Provenzano

Purchase department manager

Enza Ferrara

Human resources manager

Marcello Berardi

Restaurant coordinator

Raffaele Del Sole

Accounts coordinator

Elisabetta Di Sante

Communication manager