Villaggio turistico calabria serene village
Villaggio turistico calabria serene village

bluserena spa, who we are

Founded over thirty years ago, with a gradual and well-thought-out growth path, Bluserena is today among the most solid Italian hotel companies and is present in Sardinia, Puglia, Sicily, Abruzzo, Calabria and Piedmont with 11 4-star villages and hotels, 1 5-star hotel with Thalasso SPA, 1 5-star Ecolodge Resort, Congress Centers and Spas. With over 4,200 rooms and 12,000 beds, it is today the hotel company with the highest accommodation in Italy in the Sea Tourism sector.


It has 1.2 million admissions, a turnover of 96 million euros in 2022 and employs around 2,500 people. Its success has always been characterised by a strong focus on listening to and satisfying its customers, on quality and innovation, on the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates and on the continuous training and professional growth of its employees.


Bluserena was born in the 90s within the Gruppo Aziendale Maresca, active today in the tourism, real estate and renewable energy sectors and known for its seriousness, efficiency and solidity. The Maresca Group has been headed since the 60s by the Maresca Family, now the second generation of entrepreneurs.

However, on November 30, 2021, Bluserena was acquired by Azora Group through Azora European Hotel & Leisure, F.C.R. ("AEHL"), a leading investment group in European tourism based in Spain. Azora Group is a major independent asset manager based in Spain, which has raised capital of over 5 billion euros since its inception in 2003 and currently manages a portfolio of assets of about 4 billion euros, with a platform of more than 200 professionals with extensive experience in all areas of investment and throughout the entire real estate cycle.

Azora has traditionally focused on residences, hotels, offices and renewable energy and is currently developing new areas of investment in logistics, senior housing, agribusiness and infrastructure. Azora has been very active in the hospitality market across Europe since 2014 having invested more than 2.4 billion euros in the acquisition of 77 hotels and more than 20,000 rooms across Europe, consolidating its positioning as one of the largest investors in the European hospitality arena with particular focus on leisure and sun & beach assets.

It currently manages investments, in addition to Spain, in Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, among other countries and has landed in the United States market. Bluserena is the fifth transaction carried out by AEHL since its establishment, after the acquisition of the initial portfolio (consisting of 10 resort hotels and 4 urban hotels throughout Europe), the Giverola Resort, a hotel on the Costa Brava, and the purchase of Tivoli Vilamoura, Tivoli Carvoeiro and Vilalara ThalassaResort, in the Portuguese region of the Algarve. AEHL already has a portfolio of 31 hotels in Europe. The transaction has covered both the facilities and the management company and aims to strengthen the Bluserena brand and create new and more solid development opportunities, thanks to an investment program of 30 million euros to renovate the villages and design new services for the customer.

A thirty-year success story characterized by a strong orientation to customer satisfaction, quality, innovation, obtained thanks to a qualified and professional team, will continue and be strengthened within Azora Group to delivery even better products and better services than before.



dates and events 1985/2021


In 35 years, with a gradual and solid growth path, from the Serena Majestic Hotel residence in 1985 to the Is Serena Badesi Village in 2021. All the realizations of new hotels and all the renovations were the result of the collaboration between the construction sector and the hotel sector of the company, a synergy that was a decisive strength of the group on the Italian tourism market.



1985 - Serena Majestic Hotel Residence, 4 stars, Abruzzo

Our story begins with the acquisition of the "Serena Majestic". In 1985 the Hotel Serena Majestic in Montesilvano was purchased, already built from the union of the pre-existing Hotel Majestic and Hotel Serena, born in the 60s.


1994 - Grand Hotel Serena and Terme di Torre Canne, 4 stars, Puglia

It is the first, fundamental stage of our development. For the first time we put ourselves to the test outside the "Serena Majestic".


1996/1997 - Hotel Leonessa, 4 stars, Lazio

For two seasons the hotel "Leonessa" on the Terminillo is managed, a destination for holidays on the snow, especially in the Roman market.


1997 - Hotel dei Marsi, 4 stars, Abruzzo

In October 1997, Serena Majestic Hotel & Residence s.r.l. manages Hotel dei Marsi, open all year round, located in Avezzano (AQ). He holds the management until the year 1999.


1998 - The Serena Majestic obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification

The Serena Majestic obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification and is the first Italian hotel to obtain certification according to the UNI 10670 standard.


1999 - Calaserena Village, 4 stars, Sardinia

The Calaserena Village is purchased, located on the beautiful beach of Geremeas, near Villasimius. Bluserena enters Sardinia with a 4-star village surrounded by nature.


1999 - Renovation Serena Majestic, construction of the Congress Center and opening all year round

The Serena Majestic is deeply renovated. From an essentially seaside hotel, it becomes one of the largest conference centers in Italy (plenary hall with 1000 seats and 30 side rooms). Serena Majestic thus combines the summer activity of the Club with an intense congress activity (up to 800-1000 meetings a year).


1999/2001 - Renovation Calaserena Village

Between 1999 and 2000 all the rooms of the Calaserena and the exteriors of the buildings were renovated; in 2001 the hall was built and the staff housing on the upper floor was created.


2001 - Opening of the Serenè Village, 4 stars, Calabria

Built on a beautiful flat land, joined to a beautiful beach by a eucalyptus forest, the "Serenè" is the Bluserena village with the smallest internal distances.


2003 - Bluserena S.p.A.

The size assumed by the Maresca Group and the growing importance of hotel activities for the Group itself requires a corporate reorganization. Bluserena S.p.A. was born, owning and managing the hotels.


2004/2005 - Renovation Grand Hotel Serena

A major renovation, the one that affects the Grand Hotel Serena in the two-year period 2004-2005, with 100 new rooms and the renewal of all the existing ones, the hall and the common areas.


2005/2014 - Palacongressi d'Abruzzo management

Bluserena acquires the management of the Palacongressi d'Abruzzo in Montesilvano, saving the structure from abandonment and vandalism. The management lasts 9 years.


2006 - Renovation of the Terme di Torre Canne

In 2006 a complete renovation with renewal of both the internal structure and the external spaces of the Spa.


2006 - Opening of Torreserena Village, 4 stars, Puglia

Opens the Torreserena Village. In a beautiful flat land, bordering the Reserve of Lake Salinella, joined to the sea by a large pine forest, a village of 400 rooms is built.


2007 - Opening of the Serenusa Village, 4 stars, Sicily

Opens the Serenusa Village in Licata. Built on a natural terrace overlooking the sea, it is a large 4-star village with 490 rooms, located between the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento and the beautiful areas of sicilian Baroque. Today the Serenusa is one of the most popular tourist villages in Sicily.


2010 - Serenè Village, 4 stars, Calabria

First major renovation of the Serenè Village, which affects kitchen and restaurant. 4 separate rooms with 4 buffets and 4 grill are modified in a single large room on the ground floor, with a single buffet and a single grill, as well as a second smaller room on the first floor. The kitchen is expanded, a new Baby / Baby Kitchen and the Kitchen dedicated to Celiac Guests are created, with a cooking point with AIC certification.


2010 - Sibari Green Village, 4 stars, Calabria

Thanks to an agreement with Italia Turismo, Bluserena becomes manager of the Sibari Green Village. Bluserena plans a large extension of the small existing village. All construction and renovation interventions are carried out by the construction companies of the Maresca Group.


2010 - Renovation Serena Majestic

All hotel rooms are renovated, some hotel rooms and 200 residence apartments are completely renovated.


2011 - Hotel Sansicario Majestic, 4 stars, Piedmont

The first hotel in the mountains (owned) becomes part of the Bluserena family. Located in Piedmont, in San Sicario, in the Vialattea area.


2012 - Photovoltaic in the villages

In 4 villages a photovoltaic system is installed, produced and managed by the Maresca Group. Bluserena thus takes a decisive step towards environmental sustainability, avoiding the emission of 15 thousand tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year. Energy self-production is close to its needs.


2015 - New headquarters of the Maresca

Bluserena Group acquires, in 2012, a property located near the center of Pescara. The property consists of an area of 6700 square meters for offices, 2000 square meters of greenery and 3300 square meters of parking. It is the former Forlani Furnace, former regional headquarters of Telecom Italia. After a thorough renovation by our Group, in 2015 the building became the headquarters of the entire Maresca Group, which brings together the offices of Bluserena and those of the real estate and energy area.


2018 - Ethra Reserve

In 2018 Bluserena acquires the management of Nova Yardinia, today Ethra Reserve, a receptive complex in Puglia immersed in a Nature Reserve, surrounded by a large pine forest, overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia. The complex, renovated and redesigned directly by the construction companies of our Group, thanks to 10 ml of investments, is composed of three structures of absolute value, a 4-star Village, the GranValentino Village, with 550 rooms (which will later be divided into two different hotels); a 5-star ecolodge resort, the Alborèa, with 120 lodges; a 5 Star hotel, with 110 rooms and suites and a Thalasso SPA of 3500 square meters, the Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso SPA. Ethra Reserve is also a congress destination, thanks to a 600-seat meeting room and 22 meeting rooms of various capacities. The complex is of naturalistic value, inside the Stornara Nature Reserve; architectural value, because the Kalidria project was signed by one of the greatest contemporary architects, Emilio Ambasz; of product, because the services have all been designed and studied with care, passion and dedication.


2019 - Calanè Village and Valentino Village, 4 stars, Puglia

The GranValentino Village, born in 2018 from the union of two pre-existing hotels, is divided into "Calanè" and "Valentino", to guarantee more commercially effective products. From 2019 Bluserena therefore offers the Calanè Village (230 rooms), and the Valentino Village (310 rooms), with autonomous services and management.


2021 - Opening Is Serenas Badesi Village, 4 stars in Sardinia

In 2017 Bluserena buys a semi-built hotel complex in Badesi, in the north-west of Sardinia, close to Gallura, easily accessible from both the airports of Olbia and Alghero and the port of Porto Torres. The village is surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and placed directly on a beautiful sandy beach, bordered by large dunes. In line with the strategy of development and enrichment of services of the Bluserena villages, it is planned to open a 4-star Resort of 363 rooms, modeled on a new Bluserena Superior standard. The inauguration, initially scheduled for 2020, took place on summer 2021.


2021 - Bluserena is acquired by Azora European Hotel & Leisure, F.C.R. ("AEHL")

AEHL is a leading Investment Group in European Tourism based in Spain. The acquisition, which covers both the facilities and the management company, aims to strengthen the Bluserena brand and create new and more solid development opportunities, thanks to an investment program of 30 million euros to renovate the villages and design new services for the customer






bluserena team

The Bluserena team has a strong focus on quality, innovation, training and motivation.

Marcello cicalo2

Chief Executive Officer

Salvo piazza
Salvatore piazza

Chief Operating Officer

Claudio vighetto
Claudio Vighetto

Chief Financial Officer

Maria antonella durbano
Maria Antonella D'Urbano

Group Director of Sales & Marketing

Marco Messerini
Marco Masserini


Lisa nincheri
Lisa Nincheri

Corporate Director of Revenue Strategy & Distribution

Francesca di persio
Francesca Di Persio


Head of Corporate Organization and Special Projects

Anna maria rocchetti
Anna Maria Rocchetti

Head of HR, People & Culture

Alessandro vacca
alessandro vacca

Head of Hotels & Resorts Operations

Alberto perfetti
Alberto Perfetti

Head of Administration

Davide granata
Davide Granata

Head of Engeenering & Planning

Pedro luis vazquez cobos
Pedro Vazquez


Adolfo arpaio
Adolfo Arpaio

Hotel Manager - Torreserena Resort

Massimo bonanno
Massimo Bonanno

Hotel Manager - Is Serenas Badesi Resort

Antonino colombo
Antonino Colombo

Hotel Manager - Sibari Green Resort

Julian delfino
Julian Delfino

Hotel Manager - Serena Majestic Hotel Residence

Giuliano mascelloni
Giuliano Mascelloni

Hotel Manager - Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso Spa

Davide malvani
Davide Malvani

Hotel Manager - Granserena Hotel

Dario matarazzo
Dario Matarazzo

Hotel Manager - Alborèa Ecolodge Resort

Enrico mulleri
Enrico Mulleri

Hotel Manager - Serenusa Resort

Rosanna patane
Rosanna Patanè

Hotel Manager - Calaserena Resort

Romina rebecchi
Romina Rebecchi

Hotel Manager - Calanè Resort

Nadia recchia
Nadia Recchia

Hotel Manager - Valentino Resort

Marco saraceni
Marco Saraceni

Hotel Manager - Serenè Resort

Rocco basile
Rocco Basile

Maintenance Supervisor

Claudio candelori
Claudio Candelori

Software Development Manager

Giada ciacio
Giada Ciaciò

Revenue Manager

Giuliano ciccarese
Giuliano Ciccarese

Digital Marketing Consultant

Simone cinquino
Simone Cinquino

Hotels & Resorts Operations manager

Salvatore dangelo
Salvatore D'Angelo

Group F&B manager

Carlo de fabritiis
Carlo De Fabritiis

Senior Sales Manager Groups C&E

Alessandro di battista
Alessandro Di Battista

Payroll & HR Administration Manager

Daniele di benigno
Daniele di Benigno

Credit Coordinator

Cristiana di naccio
Cristiana di Naccio

Reservation Coordinator

Gabriele di santo
Gabriele Di Santo

IT Systems and Network

Valeria marini
Valentina Marini

Guest Experience Coordinator

Valeria Montopoli

Energy & Utilities Back Office

Valeria morleo
Valeria Morleo

Room Division Manager

Donatello nole
Donatello Nolè

Entertainment Consultant

Daniela sfamurri
Daniela Sfamurri

Planning Manager

Stefania volpe
Stefania Volpe

Reservation Team Manager

Massimo zanon
Massimo Zanon

Senior Sales Consultant

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