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Bluserena, part of Carlo Maresca S.p.A., has been welcoming tourists since 1985 and our 4-star hotels and holiday villages are now present in resorts in Abruzzo, Calabria, Apulia, Sardinia, Sicily and Piedmont. The Carlo Maresca Group began life more than 50 years ago in the housing and construction sector, building residential homes. To date almost 4.600 homes have been built all over Italy and, since the 1990s, more than 160,000 sq. m of offices and industrial space have been provided, alone or in partnership with other leading companies, in Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. In the early 1980s the Maresca Group moved into the tourist and hospitality sector with the purchase of the “Serena Majestic” in Montesilvano. The 4-star hotel with 480 rooms would be radically restructured and the wise decision was taken to apply an “all inclusive” formula, which was at the time only common in holiday villages, to this more traditional hotel. In 1987 Carlo Maresca died unexpectedly at the age of only 52, his children Silvio, Maurizio, Fabio and Simona took up the reins of the group. In the 1990s, the group further extended its operations in the tourism sector and ventured into the commercial property business building entertainment centres and hypermarkets. In the last three years the Group has expanded into the Renewable energy sector and into production of solar panels. Today the group has 30 solar energy farms and 43 MW of power with an overall production of 60 million Kilowatts and a turnover of 25 million Euros. Over the last 10 years the Carlo Maresca S.p.A. Group has grown from a turnover of approximately 12 million Euros to one of over a 100 million Euros and, over a similar time period, from less than a 100 staff to the around 1900 employees we have today, who have an average age of less than 35.


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bluserena STAFF

Bluserena personnel are orientated towards quality, innovation and training and are highly-motivated. Our young, customer-centred staff are introduced below:

SILVIO MARESCA Managing director
MAURIZIO DI TOMMASO Development Manager and Operating Supervisor
Salvatore piazza Product Manager
Massimo Zanon Commercial Manager
Davide Malvani Ethra Reserve Manager
Marco Saraceni Serena Majestic Hotel Residence Manager
manuele nicoletti GranSerena Hotel Manager and Terme Torre Canne
Alessandro Vacca Calaserena Village Manager
Julian Delfino Serenè Village Manager
Andrea Asti Torreserena Village Manager
Massimo Casciano Serenusa Village Manager
Romina Rebecchi Sibari Green Village Manager
Enrico Mulleri Hotel Sansicario Majestic Manager
Giada Ciaciò Booking Manager
Carlo De Fabritiis Group booking manager Bluserena
Claudio Candelori ICT Manager
Rocco Basile Maintenance Department Manager
Massimo Potere Maintenance Department Manager
Maria Antonella D'Urbano Organisation Manager
Sabrina Bianco Quality, health and safety Manager
Alessandro Di Battista Personnel Manager
Enza Ferrara Human Resources Manager
Stefania Volpe Room Division Manager
Elisabetta Di Sante Communication Manager



Enrico Mulleri - Hotel Sansicario Majestic Manager


Emanuele Piacenti - Bar

Susanna Piu - Bar

Alfonso Lo Iacono - 1° Chef

Raffaele Del Sole - Contabilità / Administrative staff

Carla Valente - Contabilità / Administrative staff

Giuseppe Balluardo - Supplies

Salvatore Cavallaro - Supplies

Fabio Fargione - Maitre d'hôtel

Zef Martini - Maintenance

Maria Altavilla - Reception Organiser

Cinzia Siliberti - Reception Organiser



From 2018, the Nova Yardinia complex becomes ETHRA RESERVE. A large refurbishment has involved all the complex, completely redesigning services, guests’ accommodation and spaces, turning it into one of the finest and most refined Italian destinations. Three different offers that provide unique and customized high-level experiences: two 5-star Hotels and a 4-star village, as well as one of the most important conference facilities thanks to its large modular halls and dedicated services, with the possibility of customizing any kind of event thanks to 790 rooms, 1 large hall for 600 people, 22 modular halls of various sizes and 2 outdoor theatres.


One of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean Sea hosts the new challenge of Bluserena, with the creation of our first 5-star resort abroad. Kakome Bay is near the Albanian city of Saranda, in the south of Albania, facing the island of Corfu at the borders with Greece. The Resort will accommodated about 800 guests who will benefit from all the comforts of a Bluserena village in an exclusive and pristine natural environment. Opening is planned for the 2019 season.


Bluserena has acquired a new property in Badesi, close to the Gallura area. The village is surrounded by a wonderful stretch of Mediterranean scrub and located on an amazing sandy beach, bordered by large dunes. This location will host a large family resort premium, with 350-400 rooms. The resort will be designed and built by companies of the Carlo Maresca spa Group. Works will start in 2018 and the opening is planned for 2019.

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