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“EXTRA” - Bluserena’s All-Inclusive Offer 

This option can be booked for at least 7 nights (and for all the people included in the booking). It includes strictly individual drinks, which can be enjoyed up until to 2pm on the day of departure. Drinks are always served in a glass. As well as the services included in the Full Board Più treatment, we offer the following beverage consumption options:
At the main bar. Espresso, cappuccino, decaffeinated coffee and barley coffee. We also offer cappuccino with soy milk, warm milk and coffee macchiato, Ginseng flavored coffee, American brewed coffee, caffè corretto (or “espresso corretto”), Crema caffè. Herbal teas are on hand, draught or on the tap drinks in 20cl glasses are available too. We offer a choice of ice cold lemon or peach teas, lemonade, tonic water, citron juice, chinotto and gassosa, orange soda, coke (or pepsi at the hotel’s discretion); fruit juices (pineapple, A+C+E, peach, apricot, red orange and pear), syrups (cherry, almont milk, mint and orgeat), mineral water (glass), draft beer in a 20 cl glass, granite, one white and one red wine, or prosecco are also offered; liqueurs, aperitifs, vermouth, grappa and amari are also available. Cocktails, Champagne and all alcoholic beverages (grappe, liqueurs and sparkling wines) defined as special on the bar price list are excluded.
Bar restaurant point. Espresso and cappuccino, decaffeinated coffee and barley coffee. Cappuccino with soy milk; warm milk and warmed milk with a dash of coffee in it. At lunch and dinner from 3 years old and up, an on the tap drink is served: the drink, (one drink per person) comes in a 40-cl sized cup and orange juice, beer and coke (or pepsi at the hotel’s discretion), may be chosen. This service also includes one beach towel per person ( 12 years of age and up), which is exchanged for a clean towel weekly (more frequent towel changes have an extra cost). To access the services, clients need to use the provided Smart Card and wear the special bracelet. Extra Formula cannot be used to offer beverages to third parties. The formula can be revoked by the customer at any time, but it also can be revoke by Bluserena in cases where Regulation infringements have been ascertained; in either of the aforementioned situations, the Full Board Più prices will be reinstated.


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